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Believe the Hype: Pippa’s Acupuncture

You know that feeling when you’ve got a niggling ache or pain that just won’t budge? You’re not sure exactly what’s causing it, but you’re equally not sure what to do about it.

Meet Pippa Glendon-Doyle, local acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine.

After battling with a sore shoulder for nigh on seven weeks, I was getting tired of the constant dull ache that started to impact my daily life. So, when Pippa invited me to come and experience acupuncture at her clinic, I jumped at the chance.

Based in the heart of Wandsworth, Pippa operates a clean, airy and peaceful space, and her personal demeanour is immediately welcoming and comforting.

We spent maybe five or ten minutes discussing my lifestyle, general health, and medical history, then it was needle time. Now, personally, I’m not phobic of needles, but I know that many people are, so let me assure you that Pippa is extremely gentle, and they really don’t hurt at all. A simple breathing technique, guided by Pippa, will both distract you and dull any pain when the needle is applied.

Having never experienced acupuncture before I was full of questions, and Pippa was more than glad to answer; demonstrating her expert knowledge and a genuine passion for helping people.

By the time all the needles were applied I looked a little like Hellraiser, but I could already feel the stress and tension easing from my body. In fact, my body began to purge some of the needles on its own, which I’m assured is completely natural.

Once the needles were gently removed (or fell out on their own) Pippa introduced me to the Chinese treatment of Gua Sha, which targets sore areas to relieve pain, inflammation, and improve circulation. This can be applied with a Gua Sha stone or, believe it or not, with a jam jar lid. The process caused some slight redness to the skin, but I genuinely felt the benefits.

Needles to say (I’m so funny), I left Pippa’s clinic feeling considerably better and like the tension in my shoulders had melted away.

Want to experience the power of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for yourself? Book an appointment, follow Pippa on Instagram, and download the We Are Wandsworth Town app to enjoy great local offers and events.