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Reimagining Southside Shopping Centre

Southside Shopping Centre will be undergoing a transformation that promises to elevate the shopping experience for visitors.

The regeneration will make significant enhancements to both the exterior and interior of the centre to honour both its history and its relationship to Wandsworth Town. The works will deliver a contemporary and vibrant retail and leisure space, and the centre remaining fully operational throughout the redevelopment.

To foster an inclusive community, the upper concourse will be redesigned and developed, introducing integrated seating. The new space aims to cultivate an area that actively encourages social cohesion, providing a communal space where individuals and groups can come together and socialise.

The façade of the North entrance on Wandsworth High Street, the South entrance on Garratt Lane, and the West entrance on Neville Gill Close will be remodelled and refreshed to better integrate with the character of the area.

Taking inspiration from historical fixtures in the borough, new looped metal arches and red brick features on the North and South entrances have been designed to pay homage to the former greyhound racing track – which the site sits on – Wandsworth Stadium and Wandsworth Aqueduct’s historic brick arched features.

Collaborating with a local mural artist, the brickwork at the West entrance will act as a canvas for a new street art display designed to bring joy and pride to the community.

Inside, new lighting and wayfinding will be introduced to brighten and enhance the visual appeal of the centre. Energy-efficient LED strip-lighting will be installed creating a cohesive aesthetic that seamlessly integrates both the internal and external décor.