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Black and Ethical Fashion Show coming to Southside

Fée Uhssi Presents: The Black and Ethical Fashion Show as part of the African Fashion & Textile Experience.

You’re invited to celebrate African Fashion with a one-of-a-kind catwalk show featuring the most current African-inspired fashion trends and exclusive designs of both well-established and emerging designers and fashion brands from the black community in Wandsworth and South West London.

This catwalk show is a testament to the future of fashion, embodying ethical values, body positivity, diversity, and community engagement. As part of the African Fashion and Textile Experience, the Black & Ethical Fashion Show is a celebration of African Fashion and its history. The community catwalk will showcase garments and outfits that tell the stories of their cultural significance, as well as the beauty of African fashion while promoting ethical practices within the industry. 

Visit Southside in the space outside Waitrose on Saturday 24th February at 5pm to enjoy the Black & Ethical Fashion Show.