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Southside’s getting a £5m makeover

Southside Shopping Centre is investing in a new look this year.

The Wandsworth Town retail centre will invest £5 million into a refresh programme, which will deliver new lighting, a new community space, and new entrances, with an arty twist.

The changes come amidst some other new changes at Southside, including the development of a brand-new Lidl store, which is scheduled to open in June, and the launch of their secure cycle hub.

Southside is also embarking on a three-year employability partnership with XLP to deliver community engagement, sports, arts, mentoring and tutoring for local young people.

“We are excited to deliver these changes and build on our existing relationships in the community to cement our place at the heart of Wandsworth. It is important for us to constantly evolve and create places where people want to spend their time, which involves providing an exceptional level of service to our guests whilst offering an unrivalled experience in our centre – from great restaurants and retail stores to unique leisure concepts. We must consider the needs and expectations of our guests throughout their journey and build partnerships locally to improve the vitality of our wider town centre.”

Pieter Strömbeck, Centre Director at Southside